Delivering Value Responsibly

Letter from the CEO, Johnny Thomson

"I am struck by the levels of awareness, engagement and enthusiasm from colleagues and would like to thank them all for delivering value responsibly."

Our environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) programme – Delivering Value Responsibly (“DVR”) – is right at the heart of our business and our strategy. I am extremely pleased with the progress that we have made during 2021. DVR is built around five focus areas – colleague engagement, health & safety, diversity, equity & inclusion, supply chain and the environment – and Positive Impact revenue.

Embracing responsible management of our impact is not only the right thing to do, but a key part of how we execute our strategy and manage and grow our business. Our people are our success. Engaging our colleagues, keeping them safe, retaining talent and creating inclusive environments, where we all benefit from being part of a diverse team, is fundamental.

I am particularly excited about our Positive Impact revenue. Positive Impact revenue is generated from the sale of products, services and solutions that benefit our society or environment, or support the transition to a more sustainable future. A significant proportion of our revenues relate to products with Positive Impact end uses – whether safeguarding first responder communications in Controls, supporting the green energy transition in Seals, or providing life-saving solutions in Life Sciences. We see significant opportunities to grow Positive Impact revenue across all our businesses and make a real difference in driving sustainability.

Our role as a distributor and the breadth of our supply chain gives us an pportunity to have a meaningful impact. Leveraging our strong partnerships with key suppliers, we will work with them to align on environmental and social priorities. Being responsible in our approach to waste, packaging and emissions helps us to reduce our environmental footprint, improve operational efficiency and deliver value for our customers, suppliers and colleagues.

Historically, our businesses have worked hard to be sustainable and make a difference to their stakeholders – from waste reduction initiatives at Windy City Wire, more efficient facilities at Louisville, or colleague mental health initiatives across all of our businesses. Our Group-wide approach will now complement and enhance this activity with oversight from our DVR Steering Committee, which I lead. I have been hugely impressed by the way that our business leaders have aligned themselves with our five focus areas and driven progress. During business visits, I have been struck by the levels of awareness, engagement and enthusiasm from colleagues and would like to take this opportunity to thank them all for delivering value responsibly.

Johnny Thomson
Chief Executive Officer

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