We measure our performance against a number of financial and non-financial metrics which reflect how we are delivering against our strategic objectives, our financial model and our ESG framework.

Financial performance


Organic revenue growth

Organic revenue growth is the Group’s number one priority. We focus on products and solutions which are critical to customers’ needs, giving resilience to revenues. We target mid-single digit organic growth.


Five-year average

Reported revenue growth

We aim to deliver sustainable double-digit growth through a combination of organic growth and high-quality, value-enhancing acquisitions which accelerate our organic growth.


Five-year compound

Adjusted operating margin

Our differentiated value-added solutions and customer-focused approach drive customer loyalty and create pricing power, supporting sustainable and attractive margins. We target a margin of 17%+.


Five-year average

Adjusted EPS

EPS growth is a measure of how successful we have been in growing organically and through acquisition, including capital allocation and tax considerations. We target double-digit EPS growth.


Five-year compound

Free cash flow conversion

A strong balance sheet and cash flow fund our growth strategy and provide healthy, growing dividends. We target free cash flow conversion of 90%+.


Five-year average



This measures how successful we are at generating returns on the investments we make. We target ROATCE in the high teens.


Five-year average