We measure our performance against a number of financial and non-financial metrics which reflect how we are delivering against our strategic objectives, our financial model and our ESG framework.

A number of KPIs (revenue, adjusted operating profit, free cash flow, ROATCE) influence the remuneration of our Executive Directors.

Financial performance


Underlying revenue growth

We create and build high-quality, scalable businesses for sustainable growth. We focus on Essential Products and Solutions which are critical to customers’ needs, giving resilience to revenues.

Financial model

Mid-single digit

Reported revenue growth

We aim to deliver sustainable double-digit growth through a combination of underlying growth and value-enhancing acquisitions.

Financial model


Adjusted operating margin

Our differentiated value-added solutions and customer-focused approach drive customer loyalty and create pricing power, supporting sustainable and attractive margins.

Financial model


Acquisition spend

Acquisitions are an integral part of the Group’s strategy, with a focus on acquiring high-quality, value-added businesses to accelerate organic growth.

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Free cash flow conversion

A strong balance sheet and cash flow fund our growth strategy and provide healthy, growing dividends.

Financial model

ca. 90%+



This measures how successful we are at generating returns on the investments we make.

Financial model

High teens