Sustainable Growth

Building high-quality, scalable businesses for sustainable organic growth.

Our sustainable growth strategy is focused on revenue diversification to drive organic revenue growth, build scale and increase resilience. Operating in a broad range of markets, all of our businesses have fantastic opportunities.

Focused portfolio development is key to the sustainability of our growth strategy. As we grow, it is important that we focus on the key, scalable business lines that represent our model and which we are the right owners to grow and scale.

Our service component builds loyalty and resilience, pricing power and margins. As our businesses grow, they evolve their operating models to continue to deliver their value-add proposition at scale - how a £10m revenue business delivers for its customers is very different to a £100m revenue business. We have created a framework for our businesses to plot their journey to scale, including defining the right target operating model of the future, developing the Core Competencies that underpin it and the capability that will deliver it. 

Our ESG programme - 'Delivering Value Responsibly' (DVR) - is built on five, material focus areas and positions Diploma for commercial growth with a positive impact on society and the environment. Embracing DVR is key to executing our strategy, fulfilling our purpose and scaling and managing our business sustainably.


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