Our Business Explained

Diploma’s differentiated value-add distribution model has a long track record of success, delivering growth and sustainably high returns while having a positive impact on all our stakeholders.

Our differentiated proposition

Essential Products

Our revenues are generated from products critical to customer needs. We sell a range of products to varied end markets and customer segments. This creates growth opportunities, scalability and resilience.

Essential Solutions

Based on responsive customer service, deep technical support and added-value services which differentiate us and underpin sustainably high margins.

Essential Values

Our decentralised model, customer-oriented teams and culture of accountability creates empowered management teams. Decisions are made close to the customer, meaning that our businesses are agile and responsive to customer needs and changes in the market.

Our value-add distribution model

Strong foundations


Passionate, accountable, customer-centric. Our decentralised model empowers our managers to run their businesses with the support of the Group.


We build high-quality, scalable businesses for organic growth and have a strong track record of compounding growth.


Value-add is at the heart of our success. By supplying value-add solutions, not just products, we build strong, long-term relationships with customers.


As we grow and diversify our businesses, we continue to increase our resilience.


Successful track record and disciplined approach. Focus on acquiring high-quality businesses that fit strategically to accelerate our growth and drive returns.

Strong returns and balance sheet

Strong free cash flow conversion and balance sheet give us flexibility to invest in growth; our growth strategy is financially disciplined, with ROATCE a key metric in measuring the value we create.